I Made a Shaker Style Coffee Table

Last Tuesday, I finished my first class at the Ted Harlan Woodworking School. I’ve never built a piece of furniture before, but Ted and his assistant Sean (Shawn, maybe) walked the class through everything from using a bandsaw to reduce tension in wood (there’s totally a joke in there that I don’t feel like making) to flattening surfaces with handplanes.

Before taking Ted’s introductory class, I didn’t even know the difference between a bandsaw and a jigsaw.

Despite not knowing much of anything, the table turned out pretty nice.

20180301_194101 (1)
I’m not good at taking pictures and my house is messy, but the table looks great.
A better view of the tabletop. Also, a better view of all the crap sitting on my guitar amp.

Next, I’m going to take Ted’s jewelry box class, where he teaches how to execute a dovetail joint and further explores the use of handplanes. 

New hobby found!

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