My Post on Stopping Punycode Phishing Attacks

Check out my post at Techie ReportĀ about stopping Punycode phishing attacks.

As a freelance writer, I get asked to write about a lot of topics. Internet and connected technologies (like smart devices) have become two subjects that I’ve concentrated on. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about about technology by breaking complex systems into their working parts. This approach has helped me do everything from replace my car’s serpentine belt to designing websites with JavaScript.

No matter how much I learn, I’m surprised by the fragility of software and hardware. Punycode was one of my biggest surprises. It has legitimate uses, especially for people who don’t use English as their primary language, but it leaves a hole in the internet’s security.

If you haven’t heard of Punycode, then you’ll want to check out my post on Techie Report. I still have a hard time believing that such a vulnerability exists.